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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  July 2, 2017 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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himself in in the road rage death of an 18-year-old girl posted on the door of his family's home. our hearts go out to the roberson family. your news starts in 30 seconds. . live from center city in philadelphia. this is fox 29 news at 10:00. the deadly road rage
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incident reverberating across the nation taken a dramatic turn, the man police were closing in on turned himself in, west goshen police had his red chevy truck. they had hundreds of tips, showed up and gave up. police say 28-year-old david desper from delaware county shot 18-year-old bianca roberson in the head as they both tried to merge into a single lane on route 100. the high school graduate died. sabina kuriakose live >> we're learning much more about the suspect's past and tonight, david desper's family has a message for victim bianca roberson's loved ones. >> no answer at the trainer delaware county home, where neighbors say 28-year-old suspected road rage gunman david desper lived with a male roommate. around the corner an address listed for his family, this is the handwritten note hung on the door, reading, quote, our hearts go out to the roberson family.
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we'll have no further comment at this time. >> the act of pulling a gun aiming the gun and being able to shoot somebody in the head from one moving vehicle to another is a cal calculated act. >> early this morning when he turned himself in as the two merging lanes where route 100 turns into 202 in west goshen, the teenager was killed instantly. her car veering off the road. a manhunt began for her alleged killer, seen on traffic cameras speeding away. >> that red pickup truck takes off like bat out of hell. >> every turn caught on surveillance cameras. detectives piecing together the path of the driver, public pleas from the police and bianca's grief engulfed family prompting hundreds of tips. investigators say the next big clue came from bianca herself.
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>> because the round recovered from her was reviewed by a forensic ballistics expert, told us that round came from a .40 caliber smith and wesson semiautomatic handgun. >> that registered weapon later recovered from desper's home. court records show the suspect has a rap to say the least eight prior arrests all traffic related offenses like driving without valid inspection, nothing rising to the level of senseless violence police allege desper displayed last wednesday, speaking after his daughter was kill her father telling us he could not comprehend how the unchecked anger of a total stranger could rob him of his precious little girl forever. >> still trying to come to grips with that. i mean, i don't know what to say. i really don't. >> we have been in touch with
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bianca's family since desper's arrest, they pivot from planning her move to college to planning the funeral. the roberson family tells us they're simply asking for privacy at this time, desper is charged with first-degree murder. lucy >> the request completely understandable and our hearts and prayers go out for them. thank you sabina. bucks county, investigators are looking into a started a fire in quakertown this evening. flames broke out around 5:00 on the 1400 block of south old bethlehem pike. firefighters got it under control a little less than two hours and on this hot and steamy day, medics treated one firefighter at the scene for heat exhaustion. no one else is hurt. speaking of hot and steamy on your radar tonight, it's another humid night we take a live look at that's old city with old glory waving in a little bit of a breeze. most delaware valley stayed dry. perfect for anyone celebrating the 4th. maybe a little bit early and we still have two days to go before
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we get before we get there. >> i think we'll get lucky for the 4th of july. a little bit of a breeze but sticky. the high temperature in philadelphia made it to 91, due point at 67 and that is in the sticky range. in the to city, 83, 74 in allentown, a comfortable 67 in the poconos. open up the windows and let the fresh air in. 76 in millville and in wildwood 76. shore ocean water temperature only 63. cooling down the shore, ocean city 75. the boardwalk in atlantic city 76. cape may 72. some sweatshirt required. tomorrow, we're looking at great weather, center city hot and humid, 93, down the shore, 82. the lehigh valley near 90. sunny and sticky tomorrow. ahead we're going to talk about holiday heat for the 4th. a break from the humidity in the seven-day and next chance of rain coming up when i join you
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in a few minutes, see you then. >> sounds good. thank you, kathy. happening right now, just in time for 4th of july holiday, new jersey state government shut down. state lawmakers have been trying to hammer out a budget deal to no avail. so state offices and parks and beaches are closed. brad sattin joins us. not that there's ever a good time for a government shutdown but in there was this isn't it >> you the state workers and need state services. it is looking like government offices will be closed as the war of words is heating up. it's a case of the blame game, governor christy blaming vincent prieto >> he's got to stop pouting and leading >> i will not be bullied into doing something that is not good for the residents of the state of new jersey >> the two leaders at odds that
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has the budget bill stopped in its tracks, the governor blasting prieto a democrat north having the vote he needs to get a budget proposal to him. >> 52 members. all you need is 27 votes. >> hanging in the balance is more than 30,000 state workers likely not on the job monday and the closure of nonessential state government services including parks closed through the holidays. at the center of the budget controversy is the governor's proposal to overhaul the state's largest health insurer horizon blue cross/blue shield, a nonprofit entity and christy want to direct hundreds of millions to drug treatment. the proposal is tied to the budget, but the assembly speaker said the issue needs a hearing because of the potential impact on millions of horizon customers. of >> not waiting and trusting prieto to do it. we have some time over the summer when everyone is campaigning for reelection, he'll have a hard time getting
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his own people back in the building >> we will make sure we do >> when he was asked about taking the hordes proposal out >> i could pull the horizon bill and every other priority i have because we should all just do whatever he wants to do >> the stale mate and war of words continues. >> the shutdown is unacceptable. >> little side note that's been getting a lot of play, all state parks are closed island beach state park but that's? the governor is spending the weekend. the governor is using it even though it is off limits to everybody else. as you can imagine that's drawing the ire of some >> at least one family gets to use the state beaches and parks. to a developing story, one utility worker has died and two others are hurt after a house explosion. the ugi crew was responding to reports of a gas odor this
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afternoon when that blast tore through the 200 block of springdale lane. they were able to get the homeowner out before the blast. we don't know what set it off and wore a yet know the condition of the injured employees who survived the explosion. in new jersey, the search is on for whoever vandalized a hall cost memorial. they posted a banner in front of the synagogue in lakewood ocean county. $10,000 reward for information. security agencies are gearing up for the 4th of july. major cities increasing patrols for the holiday celebrations. federal authorities say they won't have direct threats, law enforcement wants to be prepared for a worst case scenario >> whenever there's a big event in major city you can expect to see heavy security, 4th of july is, of course, no different. here in the new york city police say there are no credible
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threats this holiday weekend. but that doesn't mean they're backing down >> you will see well armed police officers with long guns, you'll see the vapor wake dogs, do not be alarmed. our officers are there to protect you. we believe in strength in numbers >> there will be a row babette counter terrorism presence in new york city come tuesday, according to nypd carlos gomez >> something new this year will be utilizing over 100 black vehicles and almost 20's sand trucks. of we're going to have heavy weapons teams at all the venues in manhattan >> over 85 people died after a truck plowed in a crowd of people in nice, france, nypd officials say that attack is why they're using blocker vehicles and sand trucks. >> we have to pay attention to what's going on not just in the city, pay attention in what's
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going on in the nation and the world >> hundreds of thousands of people in washington, dc are expected to watch fireworks at the national mall and police say they're well prepared >> we will be prepared. we don't talk about that specifically in public because you know, people who may want to do harm to the district of columbia are also listening >> across the country, that's the message police have, they say go do things with your family, have fun, but if you see something out of place, say something. in washington, i'm allison barber fox news. the wawa welcome america festive teas continues with a special appearance from ben franklin. in old city pas tan know, serving up drinks during the red, white and brunch event one of many brunch specials across the city today. other controversial tweet aimed at cnn, what some are accusing the president of doing. >> a rapper arrested after a
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night club shooting in arkansas, but not for violence at the club. and she's battling leukemia but this let me made stand isn't raising money for her treatment. the story is to sweet it might just melt your heart.
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. the white house is facing a new wave of criticism. president trump tweeted out a controversial video aimed at cnn that has should accusing of
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threatening violence against reporters, peter doocy has more. >> reporter: taking his criticism of cnn to a new level. tweeting out a video tackling a man with the network logo over his face, where president trump pretended to fight vince mcman, whose wife linda serves in his administration, cnn saying it is a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters. clearly, sarah hackabee sanders lied when she said the president had never done so. white house officials are standing by their boss despite this latest twitter controversy. >> he's a genuine president expressing himself genuinely and to be honest i think that's why he was elected. most genuine person and the people that see politicians and see him find him to be someone they can understand and relate to. >> reporter: president trump calls his use of social media modern day presidential, that's
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not the only form he's using to take on the press. turning to an old-fashioned speech saturday night to dish out this. >> the fake media is trying to silence us, they tried to stop us from going to the white house, but i'm president and they're not. >> reporter: president isn't just tweeting what he sees as unfair coverage of his administration, he's also got phone calls with the japanese prime minister and the chinese president on his sunday schedule. the traveling with the president in new jersey, peter doocy, fox news. peter doocy did touch on it a little bit. in part of its response this morning cnn public relations team used the white house's own words by retweeting a post from sarah hackabee the president in no way, form or fashion ever promoted or encouraged violence. if anything, quite the contrary.
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that was the chant of choice at an impeach rally at columbus circle in new york city. dozens held signs calling for congress to impeach the president over what they say are unacceptable behavior and policies, that protest was one of many across the nation including one right here in philadelphia. as protesters gathered at independence mall, a rival demonstration full of supporters showed up. they dressed in black. of and make america great again hats to get their points across. >> we're here to support the trump agenda of smaller government, less taxes. keeping the country safe. >> just wanted to show the city there is people here that have his support. that's what it comes down to. not creating problems or anything like that >> philadelphia police say they have made three arrests and gave one citation at the various rallies. us marshals arrested a
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rapper aged a shooting of 28 people injured at a little rock arkansas night club yesterday. ricky hampton known as fanesse two times faces unrelated charges for aggravated assault and weapons charges at his concert people got into a fight and someone fired a gun. police think it could be gang related they have not arrested anyone yet for the actual shooting. 25 people ended upshot in the chaos left three others hurt. everyone survived. little rock officials now shut down the club. happening right now, one little girl is raising money for a boy's cancer treatment, which is incredible on its own. but she, she is battling cancer herself. and her kindness has people lining up for some lemonade. fox joe kalil has that story. >> what have you got today >> lemonade. >> reporter: in every cup of lemonade that taylor sells, fresh squeezed lemon, sugar and a whole lot of love
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>> i'm getting there. >> reporter: and business is booming. >> every single time that they just come out and support the fire department, the police department, they're here for her. and to have that support is just amazing. >> reporter: this is taylor's fourth lemonade stand here in rockland and like the first three, money is going to help a child battling a life-threatening disease. this is four-year-old martin suffering from brain tumor and doctors say he only has two to six months left to live. even though he lives in indiana and has never met taylor, she window to help >> to give money for martin so we can give him a lot of toys. >> reporter: toys are important. but the money raised is going towards martin's $9,000 goal at which point his family can afford a clinical trial in boston that may extend martin's life by five years >> so he can live a little
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longer life. >> reporter: unfortunate battle that taylor knows all too well. proceeds from her very first lemonade stand helped pay for her own fight with leukemia >> you got to take it day by day and have fun, make good memories. she makes it easy. she smiles all the time happy >> when we had her campaign, she wanted to to do another lemonade stand, that's when we built her her own little stand, and this became a trend. >> reporter: cancer is in remission but still two years of scan ahead of her, she plans to do many more lemonade stands and to her customers, taylor may be the only thing sweeter than the lemonade she pores. >> warms your heart. if you'd like to help, we have a link on talk about a terrifying holiday weekend. a dozen people in new york city are alive despite an suv jumping
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a curb and plowing through them. first it was a choking hazard, now they might burn down your house. how one family says they almost lost everything because of a fidget spinner. >> they're part of our team. they're part of our team. they're all part of the fox 29 news team. with the fresco news ap. fox 29 has cameras every street.
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. dozen people hurt after a an suv jumped a curb in east harlem, crashed into a bus and plowed into people walking on the sidewalk yesterday. the bus passengers were most definitely shaken up but have no serious injuries. of the 12 people hurt, two are in critical condition. two of the people with minor injuries are police officers. now, witnesses say the driver was speeding right before it happened. >> it hit the curb and started coming at us. we were right in front of the building and i believed it was going to hit us and me and my friend it was coming straight at us. a lot of glass flying. >> the driver has minor injuries, not clear whether he was using drugs or alcohol and we don't have word of charges as of yet. fidget spinner fans be
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where. one family said the blue tooth if they want spinner burst into flames after plugging it in less than 45 minutes. kimberly alan said she knew something was wrong, her son managed to douse the smoking spinner and water from the sink but it scorched the carpet. allen said she is so thankful they caught it in time >> he noticed that it burst into flames. he just started screaming. i was downstairs and i heard fire, fire. and the fidget spinner had literally it wasn't smoking it was in flames. >> good thing he's ok. alan she did tried tracking down a company that sells these fidget spinners hasn't had any luck. it's at it again, pharmacy giant cvs is taking items off the shelf. it says it's about protecting you. your health. what you'll no longer be able to buy there. they're used to celebrating graduations and birthdays but the push is on to have balloon
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releases in new jersey banned. one group is fighting back. kathy, how are you doing? >> talking about more heat for the holiday lucy and storms moving our way as well. time them out and have your seven-day forecast for the holiday and next weekend coming up when we come back. flush on your
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. local industry group fighting against the push to ban balloon releases into the air. trenton based balloon council represents balloon manufacturers and wholesalers and retailers, it says it would hurt small businesses comes after the senate proposed a measure to ban
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the launches, supporters say if they continue to release the balloons, it will hurt wildlife. animals can and do eat the balloons which they often mistake for food and that is deadly senate republicanses are are you suring to regroup and come up with a healthcare bill to replace obamacare. president trump is calling to repeal now and replace later. garrett tenney sorts it out. >> reporter: a lot of republicans are still hard work trying to come up with a healthcare bill that can pass the senate. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell didn't have the support he needed and the not clear when or if he'll be able to. that's why more than ten republican senators are called on mitch mcconnell to cancel the august recess to they can stick around rather than trying to rush through a bill that lacks the support it needs to pass. >> let's bring everybody into the room. let's do this full time, 18 hours day six days a week, let's cancel the august state work period and let's do it in full
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public view. and have hearings and get to work on something that works better than obamacare. >> reporter: this past week the president suggested that if republicans can't pass a repeal and replace bill, they should instead focus on first repealing and then later replacing obamacare. today and oh fox news sunday, white house legislature affairs director mark shore said their preference would still be to do it at once. >> it's a the way we look at it, if the replacement part is too difficult to come together, let's go back and take care of the first step and repeal then if you repealed you can come back with a replacement >> it creates all sorts of challenges but kentucky senator rand paul made the argument if republics can agree, maybe their doing them separately may be the next best option. nevada is the latest state to john the marijuana club. they can buy and possess the drug but cannot smoke in public.
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many other states have similar restrictions. people in support of the legislation say it's a cause for celebration an long time coming. >> i got cancer in i95 and i grew a plant and they invested me and took my children away and ever since then i've been an activist and pist. >> maybe we can start doing the things we originally started out to do, research, education, things like that >> state law allows possession up to one ounce of marijuana. cvs doesn't want you baking in the sun all summer without the proper protection, the drug store removed tanning oil and sun screens with an spf less than 15, foods of trans fats are next. chain slated to stop selling them a year before a nationwide ban goes into effect. the 4th of july is just a fantastic holiday for us two legged types but for the four-legged it can be terrifying. july 5th is the busiest day of
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the year for many shelters packed with animals that ran away from home during the booms and bangs of fireworks. bring your animals inside. check to make sure their collars are attached and micro chipping. if you do leave your pets at home during the evening put them someplace secure like a bedroom or bathroom and turn on a tv. do not give them anti-anxiety medication. try to tucker out your put up with a nice long walk. speaking of the 4th of july no shortage of people out and about enjoying the warm weather, it is gorgeous, nice shot of old city. if you're inside tonight you'll feel a lot more comfy with the air condition. is this going to stick around for the 4th >> it is, day two in the 90's,
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today's across the nation mainly in the 90's, even in boston, 90 degrees today, and here we go again, holiday heat for your 4th of july. the temperature right now in philadelphia, 83 at this late hour, 81 in trenton, 82 in wilmington and dover it's 82, millville 76. and wildwood 76 degrees. of the due points are high. when you see due points in the 60's, that's in the uncomfortable range. 70 degree due points and millville and dover, that is oppressive, and it is going to be during the day tomorrow as temperatures soar in the 90's. overnight we'll see mainly clear sky, with a few clouds and a crescent moon. temperature 72 overnight, clear and warm, muggy with a southwest window about five to ten miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, sunshine and glare if you're heading to work, by the afternoon, still seeing sunshine, a few spotty showers, possible thunderstorms moving through. then during the day on tuesday
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for the 4th beautiful in the morning and in the afternoon, i think we will keep it dry for our fireworks. that is the good news in this forecast. there is a marginal risk of severe weather to the north and west of philadelphia tomorrow afternoon. if we see anything, any thunderstorms, they would be spotty at best. and in the late afternoon with that daytime heat and humidity. tomorrow's high temperatures looking good, 93 in philadelphia. 89 in allentown. cooler in the poconos, 88 in wildwood, 91 in millville, and in dover, holiday heat will roll on. your holiday forecast for philadelphia, the afternoon high on july 4th in the upper 80's, firework forecast about 85 in the evening. it's going to be quite warm if you're celebrating the 4th in the poconos, 80, in the evening, a mild temperature, 71. little bit cooler, sweater weather in the poconos for the 4th in the evening, on your seven-day forecast from the weather authority, looking at a nice 4th of july, less humid for wednesday, not quite as hot.
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thursday, 87. chance of rain on friday. that's jury still out on that one's european model is keeping it dry. saturday 86. and by next sunday, a mix of sun and clouds 83 a far cry from the 90's, lucy, as we head into next weekend. if you like the heat, you got it. at least for the next couple of days, send it back to you >> thank you so much, that is a wrap on fox 29 news at 10:00. keep it here for sports sunday. this is fox 29 sports sunday. nba teams cutting the check right now, local kids just cashed out in a big way, i'm talking about $100 million. another guy sixers wanted, put out in the bay. plus major league baseball announces lineup and somebody from the phils had to make it. we'll tell you who made it and that makeup more next on sports sunday. that makeup more next on sports sunday. jape mmmm. so areers are the veggies.hs)
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